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Columbus, Ohio – Helping clients build businesses through informed strategy, insightful innovation and relentless execution is the mission of the Stratovation Group, LLC, a new boutique consulting firm officially launched by business development expert Cameron Camfield, founder and CEO of the new company.

“I’ve spoken to many senior leaders who are coming out of this time of great upheaval with many, many questions,” says Camfield in announcing the new company. “We are setting up Stratovation to help them and their management teams find answers and efficiently, rapidly and profitably move ahead to better business.”

Camfield is no stranger to start-ups, having begun several from his dorm room while still in college. Since then, he’s brought analytical skills and tech insights to positions in J.P. Morgan’s Asset Management division and to Nationwide Insurance’s Corporate Development team. Cam also served numerous and diverse clients through Aimpoint Research, a strategic market research firm, and FLM Harvest, a hybrid agency and management consulting firm focused on food and agriculture. Key learnings from all of this, he says, will now be applied to Stratovation’s service to others.

“We think the agri-food value chain is the most important in the world,” he says. “We truly feel obligated to help others who keep us moving in the right direction in food and agriculture. There are lots of challenges and I love to work with others to find solutions.”

A new Stratovation Group Board of Advisors — key players with wide experience in a variety of disciplines food, agriculture and resource management – was also revealed by Camfield. He says this group will add to his own team’s deep experience to deliver more value to clients. That list includes:

o Jen Wells, President, TalentID Group
o Kristine Snow, CEO and Co-founder, Level D&I
o Rob McClelland, President and CMO, Meristem Crop Performance
o Russ Green, Managing Director, MACKAYBEN Consulting
o Ward Hill, President, Candor Hill Solutions

“The timing just seems right for new ideas and new energy,” says Camfield. “We’re intent on applying ourselves to your management questions and helping you move ahead with clarity and confidence.”

About Stratovation Group, LLC

Stratovation Group, LLC ( Stratovation Group is a specialized management consulting firm with a suite of go-to-market practices to help build business success through above-average returns for marketers and professionals. Key offerings include market research and intelligence, strategy and business consulting, marketing communication and brand origin as well as web development and communication.

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