Stratovation Group, Agricultural Retailers Association, The Fertilizer Institute and DCLRS Complete 2022 “Farmer-centric” Research on Biologicals

2022 Strategic & Sponsor Partners

“Farmers are the center of our world and it’s time for the market  to listen to them more – to understand the good, the bad and the ugly at field-level.”

– CAM CAMFIELD, CEO of Stratovation Group

Most available research reports focus on macroeconomic trends, devoid of farmer perceptions & context from the farm gate. While these reports help in broad trend analysis, they lack the details needed to identify the opportunities, challenges, and other key factors growers consider when building their crop nutrition and protection plans. To solve this market gap, Stratovation Group has developed the “Perceptions of  Biologicals” program, an annual report that we kicked off in 2022. This is a farmer centric study, conducted with and in support of industry participants, to help aid in the growth and development of the market category as a whole. The results of this study will help biological companies and their marketers better understand the demographics,  psychographics, and perceptions of farmers using biologicals

Opportunity to Access the Study

Those who purchase the study will receive the research presentation (PDF or PPT) of the statistically valid, 500 completion survey. This study also includes:

Key findings by section
Detailed grower and farm profile demographics
A profile of current known biological users
A sales funnel snapshot of awareness, consideration, sales, and perception of the category
Stratovation Group will host in-person or virtual presentation(s) to the client leadership team(s) to share key findings and the full research PowerPoint
Report high-lights will be shared broadly with agri-media news outlets for added reach and awareness

To purchase, email [email protected]