Major Biologicals Companies Join Stratovation Group for Specialty Crop Growers Research

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 31, 2023 — Three major businesses and organizations have signed on as sponsor partners for a benchmarking study into the use of agricultural biologicals by farmers and growers. The study: “Biologicals: Specialty Crop Growers’ Perceptions, Values, and Potential,” is set to provide a robust depth of understanding around grower-centric sentiments about the use, benefits and future for biological inputs when applied to specialty crops such as fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, stone fruits and nuts.

This comprehensive market research project is centered on the perspectives and needs of farmers, and it has now garnered the robust support of major agribusiness leaders, complementing existing participation from industry associations and biological service providers.

Cam Camfield, Founder and CEO of Stratovation Group, said the initial collaboration of sponsors includes Redox Bio-Nutrients, Certis Biologicals, and BPIA (the Biological Products Industry Alliance). The study also will be undertaken with support and ongoing strategic counsel from renowned biologicals specialist Dr. Pam Marrone.

“The addition of these influential biological organizations will provide us the ability to secure an even deeper understanding of the sentiments of the specialty crop growers they work with,” Camfield said. “This study will build on the success of our initial farmer-centric study with row-crop farmers and shed light in the specialty crop sector, which overall has appeared to be an early adopter of biological inputs. Now, we will find out for sure, and this diverse range of stakeholders will help enhance the quality of our research.”

The “Biologicals: Specialty Crop Growers’ Perceptions, Values, and Potential” research is scheduled to commence in late 2023 and will be conducted annually. This study, conducted by Stratovation Group in close partnership with Western Growers (WG), the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA), DC Legislative and Regulatory Services (DCLRS), and The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), will assess adoption rates and attitudes among growers regarding the application of biologicals on their farms and in their orchards. It will provide valuable guidance for those seeking to expand and develop the agricultural biologicals market sector for specialty crop production.

Camfield stresses the unique grower-centric focus of this study, distinguishing it from other reports.

“While there are other reports providing broad trend analyses on the use of biologicals for specialty crops, they often lack the farmer perspective,” he said. “In contrast, our study places specialty crop growers at the core of our research, urging the market to listen attentively to their experiences, challenges, and successes at the field level.”

Camfield encourages interested parties to join the effort and become sponsoring partners, granting access to all research findings, including the raw data.

“The involvement of more voices will enrich our study, enabling us to develop an even deeper level of understanding about why growers choose or do not choose to use biologicals. We extend an open invitation to any biological-focused company, startup, investor, or other interested parties to join us.”

For those interested in participating, please visit to connect with Cam Camfield ([email protected]).

About the strategic partner organizations involved:

  • Stratovation Group, LLC ( is dedicated to assisting innovative companies in addressing challenges through research, consulting, and marketing services.
  • Western Growers ( and its members strive to protect and enhance the economic outlook of our association’s farmers, their farmworker partners and the many others whose livelihoods are tied to our businesses.
  • DC Legislative & Regulatory Services ( is a bipartisan government relations, grant-making, and business strategy firm representing a diverse group of clients before Congress and federal/state regulatory agencies.
  • The Agricultural Retailers Association ( unites its members and their interests to advocate and educate on their behalf, provide services to improve their businesses, and preserve their freedom to operate and innovate, ensuring a safe and plentiful food supply for all.
  • The Fertilizer Institute ( is the leading voice of the fertilizer industry, acting as an advocate for fair regulation and legislation, a consistent source for trusted information and data, a networking agent, and an outlet to publicize industry initiatives in safety and environmental stewardship.
  • Biological Products Industry Alliance ( promotes the responsible development of safe and effective biological products including biopesticides, biostimulants, and biofertilizers as beneficial tools for commercial agriculture, forestry, golf courses, home gardens, horticulture, ornamentals, public health, and more.