Our Call to Action: Help Your Audience Engage

An old philosophical thought experiment questions, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” That question can aptly be applied to strategic marketing and communications. Any time a piece of content is produced and distributed to a target audience, it must include a clear and reverberating call to action.

While airwaves would be created by the falling tree, the existential perception is that if a human cannot hear those waves bouncing off their eardrums, would a sound truly be made? Such is the case for ensuring each piece of your content contains a strategic and well-crafted call to action. By not providing your audience a gently guided way to follow up, any hope for amplified engagement falls flatter than the soundless tree.

A call to action (CTA) is a crucial component of any content. It is the point of engagement for your audience. It encourages the reader or viewer to take a specific action, whether it is to make a purchase, sign up for a service, or share the content with others.

Including a call to action not only prompts the audience to engage but also provides a clear set of metrics for measuring the success of your content. Driving readers or viewers to a specific action will result in website hits, sales or social media shares. By tracking the number of clicks, conversions, or other actions taken as a result of your CTA, you can determine the effectiveness of your content and adjust your strategy accordingly. Without a CTA, the reader may consume the content and move on without any further engagement – the tree has fallen, and there is nobody to hear it.

A well-crafted CTA can generate leads by encouraging the audience to fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter, or contact your business for more information. If your goal is to convert visitors into customers, a CTA can provide a clear path to a revenue center.

At Stratovation Group, we work with you to determine the desired outcomes from your content. We will help you lead your audience into the forest so they will not only hear that tree falling, but if you want to turn that tree into firewood, we ensure they have easy access to a chainsaw.

That is genuine content-driven engagement. We would love to work with you to bolster engagement with your customers and audiences. Here’s our call to action: Engage with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebook, or browse our website to learn how we can help you succeed.