Stratovation Group and Partners Seek New Insights As Row-Crop Biologicals Market Matures

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AgPR) Feb. 15, 2024 – As more row-crop farmers begin to explore the use of agricultural biologicals, the market for the natural crop inputs continuing to evolve and mature. To measure how the market and farmer perceptions have changed, Stratovation Group today announced plans for Year Two follow-up research to its groundbreaking 2023 report, “Biologicals: Farmer Value, Perception, and Potential.”

Like the benchmark study, joining the effort as strategic partners are the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA), DC Legislative and Regulatory Services (DCLRS), and The Fertilizer Institute (TFI). A new strategic partner for the Year Two research initiative is the Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA).

“Signals continue to indicate that the agricultural biologicals market is growing at a rapid pace, and companies in that space are doing all they can to secure the best intelligence possible to inform their strategic decisions,” said Stratovation Group’s Founder and CEO Cam Camfield. “Working with a diverse mix of industry partners will make this a stronger body of work as we glean insights from farmers to continue mapping out a roadmap to growth for the sector.”

According to Camfield, the 2023 benchmark study secured baseline measurements about how row-crop farmers were using and thinking about biologicals.

“Our second year of research will continue to be farmer-centric,” he said. “We will make some changes from the information gathered during the first study, but we are going to again dive deeply into specifics like measurable effectiveness, optimal use strategies, sourcing and future expectations.

Keith Jones, Executive Director of BPIA, said his organization is looking forward to seeing study results related to the overall future of the biologicals sector.

“For use-efficiency and a number of other reasons, biologicals are vital to the success and sustainability of American agriculture,” Jones said. “It’s important for companies offering biologicals to farmers to hear directly from them. That will help them develop farmer-focused strategies related to issues such as formulation and marketing. This research will give companies clear market signals about what farmers like and how they are harnessing biologicals to overcome challenges.”

“Biologicals: Row-Crop Farmer Value, Perception, and Potential” will continue to be annual research initiative due to the sector’s rapid innovation and competitive landscape, according to Camfield. The study is accompanied by a separate related study into the use of biologicals by specialty-crop growers.

Ed Thomas, Vice President of Government Affairs for TFI, stressed the importance of the year two study.

“It allows biologicals companies the information they need to keep pace with and stay attuned to the incorporation of their products as part farmers’ efforts related to nutrient use-efficiency, soil health, and water use. The study will also help keep policy makers updated about the importance of biologicals as any regulatory issues take shape across agriculture.”

Camfield emphasized the limitations of other existing reports that focus only on broad trend analysis but lack the detailed insights needed to identify opportunities, challenges, and key considerations for incorporating biologicals into their crop nutrition and protection plans.

“Like our baseline research, this year two study will provide biological companies, their product teams, and marketers with a deep understanding of the demographics, psychographics, geographics, and perceptions of farmers using biologicals,” explained Camfield.

He invited other interested parties, including biological-focused companies, startups, investors, and others, to join the effort as sponsoring partners. By doing so, they can gain access to all the findings, including raw data, and contribute to better-informed plans and tactics.

Companies interested in sponsoring the research are encouraged to do so early in the process to reap the full benefit of sharing information with and about their customers and establishing a leadership profile in the minds of farmers.

To learn more, contact Camfield at [email protected] and visit the Stratovation Group biologicals web section at: