Stratovation Group Blog Series Focuses on Ag Economy

Part one of a seven part series — Fields, Finances and the Future

Stratovation Group is pleased announce an upcoming seven-part blog series about the U.S. agricultural economy – Fields, Finance and the Future. We think it’s an enlightening and comprehensive collection of insights and analysis from two agricultural economists who are in the trenches, but in different capacities. Sharing their views for this endeavor are Mac Marshall, Vice President of Market Intelligence for the United Soybean Board in Chesterfield, Mo., and Darrell Holaday, President and Analyst for Advanced Market Concepts in Wamego, Kan.

Amid the scorching heat of the 2023 growing season, we embark on this project to delve into the heart of the agricultural economy. Our goal is to equip farmers, industry stakeholders, and allies with a snapshot of the general condition and resilience of American agriculture as well as an educated glimpse into the future.

The U.S. agricultural landscape is constantly evolving, shaped by a myriad of factors such as technological advancements, trade dynamics, climate challenges and policy shifts. To navigate this ever-changing terrain successfully, staying informed is vital. Stratovation Group recognizes the importance of being up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, and we are hopeful you will harvest a few useful nuggets from Fields, Finance and the Future.

Throughout this blog series, Marshall and Holaday will examine key indicators that influence the agricultural economy’s trajectory, and they might serve up an opinion or two. With their experience and expertise, they will shed light on crucial aspects such as farm income trends, U.S. agricultural exports, production costs, innovations, and a host of other significant areas.

Drawing from data-driven analyses, real-time market insights, and their comprehensive understanding of the agricultural sector, Marshall and Holiday will offer unique perspectives. Their contributions might make you think about things in a different way, but they will empower readers to make informed decisions and navigate challenges in this dynamic and competitive landscape of production agriculture.

At Stratovation Group, we firmly believe knowledge is the catalyst for innovation and progress. As such, the Fields, Finance and the Future blog series is meant to offer up an open platform for dialogue, learning, and collaboration.

Over the course of the next several weeks, we hope you will join us for this journey whether you are a seasoned agricultural professional, an aspiring farmer or just an enthusiastic observer. If you like or don’t like what you read, we invite you to share your thoughts by emailing Mace Thornton at [email protected] or Cam Camfield at [email protected].

Stay tuned next week for our inaugural post in this thought-provoking, seven-part series, which focuses on the evolving landscape of American agriculture.

The agricultural economy can be a bumpy road, but through innovation, optimism and a spirit of resilience, America’s farmers are poised for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Stratovation Group can help your company or organization strengthen your connection with farmers through research-informed strategies and consulting services. If interested in hearing more connect with Cam Camfield at [email protected].

Next Up Part Two: The Evolving Landscape of American Agriculture: Experts’ Perspectives