Stratovation Group, Meister Media Worldwide Agree to Data Partnership For Grower-Centric Specialty Crops Ag Biologicals Research

Columbus, Ohio – Stratovation Group, a leading research and marketing firm dedicated to exploring agricultural innovation, and Meister Media Worldwide, a preeminent media and events company in the agriculture sector, have announced a strategic partnership to understand and examine advancements across the agricultural industry. The first project of the partnership will be a forthcoming study on specialty crop growers’ utilization and perspectives of agricultural biologicals. Meister Media will serve as the exclusive data partner for that effort.

This collaboration signifies a momentous step forward in understanding the challenges and opportunities surrounding the adoption of agricultural biologicals among specialty crop growers.

“Meister Media’s industry knowledge, best-in-class reach, and commitment to representing grower perspectives make them an invaluable addition to our team for this research,” said Cam Camfield, Founder and CEO of Stratovation. “It was a no-brainer to collaborate with Meister Media, the owners of American Fruit Grower and American Vegetable Grower. Our research capability and their unique grower reach will help us deliver actionable insights that drive meaningful advancements in the specialty-crops biologicals sector.”

Joe Monahan, President and COO of Meister Media, sees the partnership as a strategic alliance that will benefit the agriculture industry as a whole.

“Stratovation’s foundational capability of gathering data across the agricultural community is impressive, and they follow that up with analyses that drive informed decisions,” Monahan said. “We are excited to join forces with Stratovation Group on this important initiative, which aligns perfectly with our near century of expertise. We look forward to leveraging this collaboration to deliver valuable insights for the entire sector.”

In addition to American Fruit Grower and American Vegetable Grower, Meister Media’s portfolio of brands includes Greenhouse Grower, CropLife, AgriBusiness Global, CEAg World, and their Global Ag Tech Initiative. Their established network built through these brands allows for meaningful connections with growers, providing invaluable insights into their practices and preferences. As a trusted and respected media company, Meister Media holds significant influence over industry trends and practices, lending credibility to the study and encouraging grower participation.

“This partnership underscores both organizations’ shared commitment to advancing agricultural sustainability, productivity, and profitability for U.S. specialty crop growers and providing key market insights to the nation’s leading biologicals companies,” Camfield said.

The research is sponsored by Certis Biologicals, Redox Bio-Nutrients, Informa Markets’ Farm Progress, and Valent BioSciences, with ongoing strategic counsel from renowned biologicals specialist Dr. Pam Marrone. The study will examine farmers’ sentiments regarding the use, benefits, and future applications of biological inputs in specialty crops, including fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, stone fruits, and nuts. The research is also conducted in close strategic partnership with Western Growers (WG), the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA), D.C. Legislative and Regulatory Services (DCLRS), The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) and the Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA).

About Stratovation Group
Stratovation Group is a leading research organization dedicated to advancing agricultural innovation through data-driven insights and strategic collaborations. With a focus on agriculture, we work closely with farmers, organizations and industry stakeholders to address key challenges and opportunities in agricultural sustainability, productivity, and profitability.

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Meister Media Worldwide is a prominent player in the agricultural industry, providing integrated media solutions for growers, agribusinesses, and industry stakeholders globally. Meister Media delivers trusted content, data, and networking opportunities through their events to drive innovation and success in agriculture.

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