Stratovation Leadership Academy to Prime New Talent for Ag Leadership

Powered by MACKAYBEN, the Initiative Combines Innovation and Traditional Truths of the Business World

August 22, 2023 – The traditional business world has spun into a new dimension, and so have the challenges for businesses, organizations, and their leaders. With retirements among the Baby Boom Generation and new workplace dynamics ushered in by the COVID Pandemic, the time is ripe for a new crop of leadership-ready entrants to take the stage. To help meet the rapidly evolving leadership scene, a contrasting pair of business consultants today launched a new platform, Stratovation Leadership Academy Powered by MACKAYBEN.

According to Russ Green, a senior business consultant with decades of experience in the agricultural equipment sector, and Cam Camfield, CEO and founder of Stratovation Group, an innovative research, business and marketing agency, the leadership academy will carry a focus on helping ensure new leaders in the agricultural sector are fortified by a mix of workplace innovations and the tried-and-true learnings of America’s business sector.

“Our legacy leaders got a lot of things right,” said Green. “But it’s a whole new world today from multiple perspectives, ranging from digital technology and tools to the new productive reality of the remote workplace. A lot of aspects to successful leadership have not changed, however, and we want to empower leaders for this new age with the best of both worlds.”

According to Green, the emerging business world provides “an amazing chance to shape leaders for the digital age while embracing the principles that have powered American business success.”

“Stratovation Leadership Academy will seed the knowledge for leadership success through a multi-session platform focused on a combination of traditional business acumen and the lessons offered by today’s transformational business skills,” Camfield said. “It represents a holistic business leadership journey in every sense of the word.”

Green and Camfield jointly express that the program is designed to span five months and cover approximately 40 different learning modules. Program delivery also caters to participants by offering a mix of online and in-person learning.

“From virtual team launches to intensive, face-to-face workshops, participants will receive nearly 20 hours of life-changing content,” Green said. “Because the program is scheduled over five months, it’s also a matter of not disrupting the business of family lives of those who enroll.”

Green and Camfield also stress the personal attention offered to each participant.

“We are going to ensure this is not a journey these developing leaders are making alone,” Camfield said. “They will be matched with experienced mentors to guide them through the challenges of feeding the world.”

The curriculum covers a wide range of business leadership topics, but in a way that also encourages agile and adaptive thinking by the participants.

“We’re not just building new agricultural leaders; we’re building agile, knowledgeable leaders,” Green said. “We will encourage new thinking skills, creating a degree of nimbleness needed in a business landscape that will continue to face rapid changes in the years ahead. That’s particularly true as we strive to feed more people and care for the planet in the process.”

For more information about the Stratovation Leadership Academy Powered by MACKAYBEN or to express interest in signing up your team, contact Cam Camfield at [email protected].

MACKAYBEN LLC, the Next Generation of AG Leaders based in Lexington, KY, was founded by Russ Green in 2012. This entrepreneurial leadership network includes emerging industry leaders and coaches from the agricultural sectors of executive recruiting, strategic financial consulting, marketing, retail channel distribution, agronomic consulting, media publishing, start-up companies, and the beef cattle industry. In addition to his role at MACKAYBEN, Green is the Marketing Officer for the Machinery Advisors Consortium (MAC), an Executive Ambassador with the Agricultural Future of America, and an Editorial Board member of AgriMarketing Magazine.

Stratovation Group, founded by Cam Camfield, is a full-service research, marketing and communications firm specializing in the food and agriculture sector. It conducts comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research to support decision-making across the industry. Stratovation has offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Missouri.